book cover design

The Client

Author of the book

Nuclear Custom

The author of the book and owner of Nuclear Custom, Wiktor Przewłoka is a young enthusiast of post-apocalyptic fantasy. In his workshop, Wiktor produces professional costumes referring to films such as Mad Max. Many hours of work, which he puts a lot of heart into, result in the creation of more and more sophisticated pieces of equipment in the style of STALKER and post-apocalypse.

Book Cover

My task was to create a substitute for the world presented in the bookusing only one illustration. The client sent me juicy excerpts from the book in progress, describing the grim world after a nuclear explosion, where apart from a handful of people, mutants and genetically degenerated plants are common.


Julia Bubacz (photographer) prepared a photo session especially for the cover design. The session took place in an industrial outdoor setting, in an old factory. The main role was played by the author of the book.


A.W.W.I.A.Z. is a story combining the features of classic post-apocalypse with epic military actions, wild mutants, anomalies and fights to the death!

Imagine abandoned giant metropolises that are decorated with a predatory glow day after day by the setting sun. Think of dangerous mutants lurking in the nooks and crannies of the ruins. Pick up a book. Take a deep breath and feel the extraordinary atmosphere of the Zone!

Final result

Postapo artworks

In addition to the cover, I also designed other post-apocalyptic illustrations. Here are a few of them.