My name is Leszek. I’m a Multidisciplinary Digital Designer & Art Director based in Kraków. I started my adventure with design in 2005, but my love for create has been growing with me since I was a child. With over those years of experience in various Advertising Agencies. I am fluent in many kinds of commercial graphic design, but what I enjoy most is creating visual identities, logos, photo manipulations, key visuals, key arts, but also I’m good in webdesign, mobile apps. I enjoy cooperation in creation process and I like observing how a brand grows in strength.

My goal is to turn a creative brief into wonderful projects.

It is a great joy to discover the client’s needs by reading between the lines from the BRIEF. Good design is characterized by a perfect fulfillment of the brand’s needs. Often the client does not realise what his brand really needs, and my job is to explain and guide him through the whole process to get to the final success. We’re on the same team here.

I often repeat that I do not design only for the client, I design for his clients. The needs of the brand are as important as the needs of its recipients, perhaps even more important. Feel free to ask me any questions.

I designed for such brands:

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