FIE Grand Prix 2019


FIE Grand Prix Fencing Championships

The visual identity for the FIE Grand Prix Fencing Championships 2019. It was a unique opportunity to merge my passion for design with my love for sports, creating something special for the global fencing community.

The FIE Grand Prix Fencing Championships are among the most prestigious events in the world of fencing. Organized by the International Fencing Federation (FIE), they attract the best fencers from around the world to compete at the highest level. Held annually, these competitions are not only showcases of athletic skill but also celebrations for fencing enthusiasts worldwide.

FIE Grand Prix 2019
Event Visual Identity

My vision was to showcase the strength, determination and power of the athletes through the creation of an event branding that stayed true to the beauty of the sport yet allowed for me to add a measure of mystery, grit and weight to the visuals.

Catching the eye of potential fans and drawing them into the world of fencing through a branding style reminiscent of the great epics and sagas of history, the excitement of the sport of fencing was communicated using near-mythical imagery that elevated the athletes to legendary warriors and incited a sense of curiosity in viewers.

On top of the world, feet firmly planted on the ground

My task was to create the main graphic motif that would represent the FIE Grand Prix Fencing Championships 2019. The Key Visual I designed was the central element of this visual identity. I aimed for it to be both dynamic and symbolic, capturing the spirit of competition and the elegance of fencing.

The main element of the Key Visual featured a duel between two fencers atop tall cliffs. The contrast of the fencers’ white costumes against the dark sky symbolized the struggle for victory and triumph over adversity. This motif was used in all aspects of the event, from billboards to social media promotional materials.


The host cities, representing the competition’s heart and soul

Working on the visual identity for the FIE Grand Prix Fencing Championships 2019 was a tremendous honor and pleasure for me. It not only allowed me to leverage my design skills but also contributed to the promotion and development of this wonderful sport on a global scale. Thank you for the opportunity to share this project with you.

Host city image compositions (to be used in event-specific communication) were created to showcase the nine locations where the Grand Prix Series took place. A location-neutral composition of the design was employed to publicise the event in its entirety.  Posts, banners, website content and more were also designed to cater to the three disciplines within fencing through the all-important visual of the sabre, epee and foil.

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