World Triathlon

Branding Concept

International Triathlon Union (ITU) has been the International Federation (IF) for triathlon since its founding in 1989 – gathering more than 160 member countries from 5 continents under a democratic and globally recognised constitution. ITU is the Governing Body for the sport of Triathlon and Paratriathlon, as recognised by the IOC and the IPC.

Triathlon events consist of 3 disciplines (Swimming, road-race biking and running) linked together with transitions from one element to the next. As an International Federation, ITU is also the governing body for the related disciplines of Duathlon, Aquathlon, Aquabike, Cross Triathlon, Winter Triathlon and others. One phrase that currently links all our disciplines together is “Multisport”.

At the 2017 ITU General Assembly it was decided to change the name of the IF from ITU to “World Triathlon”.

Our job was to redesign new corporate identity for International Triathlon Union (ITU).  They wanted to redesign all our branding from ITU to World Triathlon, with the goal that the triathlon community associate the brand “World Triathlon” with a modern, dynamic and up-to-date IF. At the same time, our overall corporate identity should be evaluated.

Design for:
Client: ITU
Year: 2019