Black Skull

Brand Design for Whiskey

Black Skull Whiskey

French Oak Spirits Co. is a distinguished whiskey distillery nestled in the heart of France, renowned for its commitment to crafting exceptional spirits since its establishment in 1982. Traditional Distilery take pride in our dedication to quality craftsmanship and our relentless pursuit of excellence in every bottle we produce. Black Skull Whiskey is a new brand for the Company, a new product and a new audience.


French Oak Spirits Co.

Range of work:
  • Branding
  • Product Logo & Label
  • Packaging (a bottle shape)
  • Website
  • Social media


The client asked for a comprehensive development of the packaging and visual identification of the new line of the whiskey. There was a need to come up with a very expressive image for the product.


I designed the appearance of the bottle and the entire visual identification for the brand. I wanted the product itself to be elegant but also have a strong character.


The created identification has an elegant but strong character, which perfectly fits the brand’s values and image. A consistent visual language translates into a very professional perception by customers.

Unleash the Spirits Within.

Brand mission

As we invite enthusiasts to embark on an extraordinary journey with our iconic Black Skull Whiskey. Encased within a striking, skull-shaped bottle, our whiskey embodies the essence of mystery and intrigue, daring drinkers to delve into the depths of its rich flavors and unearth the hidden treasures within. With each sip, our patrons unlock a world of boldness and refinement, transcending the ordinary and embracing the extraordinary. We believe in igniting the adventurous spirit within every individual, one sip at a time.


The first stage of the label design was a pencil sketch on paper. I decided to refer in style to old, elegant labels from the Victorian era. This is how a beautiful vintage logo was created.


The next stage was to transfer the design from paper to the screen. At the same time, I corrected the imperfections of the sketch and evened out the proportions and light between the letters.


Finally, I gave the label a shine. I corrected every single shape to make it coherent and added a lot of details. Thanks to this, I was sure that the final effect was what I needed for this project.


Bottle design

With great passion and precision, I independently crafted a unique black skull-shaped bottle using Blender software and 3D techniques. Utilizing modeling, texturing, and rendering tools, I brought my vision to life, creating not just a vessel for whiskey, but also an icon of aesthetics and character.


Every detail, from the curves of the skull to the smooth finish, was carefully designed to evoke interest and admiration. This bottle is not only a container for an exceptional spirit but also a manifestation of creativity and passion in the world of 3D design.