Branding, Webdesign

Brand design

Allmax is a company specializing in the production of custom-made, exclusive furniture. Our visual identity reflects the luxury, precision, and uniqueness of our products. I focus on creating a minimalist yet striking image that captures the attention of customers and remains in their memory. The contrasting colors of black and white are my signature, emphasizing my approach to design and quality. This visual identity project includes the logo, logobook, and website, which together create a cohesive image of the Allmax brand.


My visual identification project began with creating a unique logo for Allmax. This logo is the heart of the entire brand and reflects its character. It was designed with transparency and uniqueness in mind. Consisting of precisely balanced letters, the Allmax logo is a tribute to the minimalist approach to design. The combination of contrasting colors – white and deep black – gives it a unique expression. This logo is the hallmark that distinguishes Allmax from the competition.

Logo book

Another element of my project is the logobook, which complements the logotype. Logobook is a collection of creative variations on the logotype that can be used in various contexts. It is a flexible tool that allows you to express the Allmax brand in various media and formats. The logobook was inspired by the principles on which the entire visual identification is based – minimalism, contrast and elegance. Thanks to the logobook, Allmax has the opportunity to stand out visually while maintaining consistency.

Social Media

The project also included preparing graphic design for social media. Post templates for Instagram and Facebook are fully editable and prepared for various types of content.

Web Design

Visual identification project for Allmax is also a modern website that reflects the essence of the brand. The pure contrast between black and white creates an elegant backdrop against which Allmax products and services are presented. Company website has been designed with clarity and ease of navigation in mind so that customers can easily find what they need. Website design is an excellent tool that helps Allmax build its brand and attract customers.

Thank you

All elements of the visual identification design for Allmax focus on a minimalist approach, contrasting colors and the unique character of the brand. Thanks to them, Allmax can stand out on the market and convey its value to customers in a consistent and thoughtful way.